Stephen Miller announces the January 18 global, digital release of BEHOLD, a new full-length album boasting his strongest lyrical offering to date carried on the wings of fresh ambient grit and soaring singalong melodies.

“In many ways, the last few years have been some of the hardest of my life. The Psalms have been my daily bread. The realness there of men who weren’t afraid to give a voice to their hurts.” Miller says. “I think that comes out in the rawness of the lyrics and I feel like that will connect with people. All of us have our struggles and issues and brokenness. But in the midst of that we have a Savior we can cling to who is constant, unwavering, and gracious beyond our wildest dreams. I think Jesus is honored in that kind of honesty and that’s probably where some of the most beautiful worship comes to life.”  

BEHOLD isn’t a happy-clappy cheerleader worship record – but it is full of joy. Realistic hope pours forth from every note and rhythm. And while every line reaches with longing, each equally soars with the truth of the beauty of the Gospel.

“There is more beauty than brokenness in the world. More truth than lies. More hope than despair. That’s what I want us singing of with our eyes up toward our Savior, beholding his majesty and might – and being formed into his image.”

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