I once heard Andy Stanley say that my biggest impact on the world might not be something I do, but someone I raise. That stuck with me. Probably because I have 7 kids. That’s right - SEVEN. And each of those kids is vastly more important than any song I could write or album I could make or conference/concert I could lead worship for.

So it’s been pretty cool over the last 6 months as my family has embarked on a new YouTube journey to tell our story of adoption and ministry and just trying to be a family that honors Jesus in all we say and do.

And this week I will begin adding to that story by vlogging semi-regularly on my personal youtube about life as a father of 7. I’m praying that it will be a blessing to you and in some way give you a glimpse into a lifestyle of worship as I offer up my family life to God. It’s different, but I believe that God has given me my kids as a way to worship him. I hope it encourages you!

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